Founded in 2018 by Sarath Selvanathan, our brand started as an homage to the smallest yet the most impactful ornament, the nose pin or as it is called in Tamil, the Mookuthi.

Nose ornaments have been a distinguishing symbol of status, culture, community and even rebellion over the last few centuries. It is our intention at Mookuthi to now use this inconspicuous canvas to celebrate South Indian history, culture and craftsmanship.

“It all started when I made a nose ornament for a friend who wore an extremely simple nose stud. In those few moments, as she switched her old nose ornament with the new one I made for her, her face changed drastically. And it stunned me to think how the smallest piece of jewellery that I ever made made the most difference to the wearer and that revelation lead me into a world of nose ornaments.” 

Sarath Selvanathan, Designer & Founder

Drawing inspiration from the big and the small, from the architectural marvel of Chola temples to the faint Kolams drawn everyday outside the South Indian homes, Mookuthi is our way of consciously celebrating our roots, by taking a bit from the past and thoughtfully translating it into nose ornaments that can be passed on to the future.