A portmanteau of two tamil words, mooku (nose) and kuththi (piercing), Mookuthi is an artisanal nose ornament brand based in Madras, India.

Somewhere between the divine and the human, sprawled a kolam, with her arms stretched out, 
smiling that unexplainable smile, she breathes that crisp air into her slumber.

In the nescience of beauty or impropriety, she runs her fingers through the wet vaasal, each finger tracing a tune, each tune that echoes through this Tabula Ras, in anticipation of the day that is yet to be.

Her Kolam & Her

Every movement so determined yet impulsive, she moves - sits - walks - laughs in the way that comes easy to her, uninhibited and unchaperoned, she opens her eyes to the comfort of the dawn while her mind still hums that old Margazhi song. 

While the genius sought solace in his audience, the artist enjoyed her solitude.

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The Everyday Artist

It is our attempt, through this collection, to not only celebrate Kolam, an everyday art form and the humble artists behind them but to celebrate many others who take out the time to do their art – be it the uplifting yet mindless humming in the shower, or the little doodle at the back of your diaries;

This collection celebrates the everyday artist in you.

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